About Us


About Us

“Childhood... We get only one pass at it,
and yet it dictates the quality of the rest of our lives.
What we think, feel, experience, and endure in this earliest phase
is the single most important indicator
of what the rest of our life is going to be like.”

- Wess Stafford, Too Small To Ignore

Our school will provide experiences for development and progress toward the following goals:


  • Know God is the creator of all things
  • Know the Bible is God’s Word
  • Know Jesus is God’s Son, He died for us and rose again
  • Learn that daily prayer is important communication with God
  • Learn Godly character through stories and experiences


  • Parent/child separate easily
  • Children develop self-help skills
  • Children interact with peers/develop relationships
  • Children learn about themselves, their family and their culture
  • Provide experiences for success and competence to develop self confidence
  • Children to see themselves as God’s precious creation